C.F.Martin & Co Strings

A little history goes a long way in the music industry, and Martin has plenty of it. Starting out nearly 200 years ago, C.F. Martin & Co. has always been at the cutting edge of all things acoustic guitar. That makes them not only a trusted name in instruments, but also in the strings you put onto them. Martin guitar strings are a natural choice if you want to keep your Martin instrument consistent with its day one tone, and they're just as good for the other acoustic guitars in your collection as well.

As you probably expect from a selection that specializes exclusively in acoustic guitar strings, the lion's share here are bronze or phosphor-bronze. With plenty of options before you, finding your favorite gauge is no problem. You can even stock up if you like, since Martin offers bulk packages alongside their single-course string sets. For guitar teachers or pro musicians who go through lots of strings, that's welcome news. Of course, some of us would prefer if string changes were a bit less common. If that sounds like you, then you ought to take an especially close look at the Martin Lifespan SP series, which are coated for better durability.

Maybe you're the sort of musician who likes your strings nimble and flexible? In that case, consider the FX Flexible Core strings. You can find these in bronze, phosphor-bronze and silk-and-phosphor versions, so you've got the freedom to pick out the tonal character you like best. Another option to think about when you want agile strings is the Martin Bluegrass line, which is designed especially for that iconic genre's traditional playing styles.

You'll also notice some signature strings in the Martin catalog, so if you've ever aspired to emulating the sounds of well-known guitarists, you'll be on the right track. There's a lot to love about the phosphor-bronze expressiveness of Clapton's Choice strings for instance. Or, if you prefer a more classic tone, try the Tony Rice Signature Acoustic Guitar Strings. Just for Tony, Martin brought back the qualities of his favorite vintage strings in this excellent set.

No matter how you look at it, there's no denying that strings are a very subjective choice. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Fortunately, Martin puts plenty of different styles and gauges on the table. Whatever you're looking for in an acoustic guitar string, it's a safe bet that you'll find it here.

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