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Guitar Service & Setups

Guitar Servicing

I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when I worked on my first guitar. I tried to restring my guitar by myself. I'm sure I made a meal of it, but I started early. The only time i can actually remember having a new pickup installed for me, left a bitter taste in my mouth because of the crap workmanship of the pickup routing etc. I swore that from then on, I would never give my guitars to anyone else to work on.

It's because of my dissatisfaction with another persons work that I will guarantee your satisfaction with my work on your guitar.

I wont just change the strings and give the guitar a spit & polish. Nor will I charge you $200 + to let a machine totally screw up your instrument. No, I will perform the best possible guitar service that I am able, ensuring the optimum playability of your guitar.


A full set up includes restring, action height and intonation adjustment to your spec, fret polishing, conditioning of the fingerboard, pickup height adjustment & a truss rod adjustment if required.

Locking Tremolo Servicing & Setups

I grew up in the 70's & 80's, when the "Super Strat" was being born. Companies such as Charvel® & Jackson®  were experimenting with all soughts of pickup configurations, compound neck radius and body shapes etc. Guitar players such as Edward Van Halen were beginning their massive tilt at the title of Guitar Freak.

As you would expect the tremolo unit took a beating, and in a quest to stabilise tuning the locking tremolo unit was about to be invented. There were 2 main units; the 'Kahler Tremolo System® ', invented by Gary Kahler & Dave Storey in 1979, and its predecessor, the Infamous " Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo®" invented 2 years earlier in 1977 by noe other than Floyd D Rose.

These units through out the 80's were standard issue, gone was the hard tail of the Les Paul and in was the "Floyd Rose".

But they soon fell out of favour, and it wasnt because they were not doing what they were supposed to do which was to keep tuning stabiltity whilst beating the shit of the whammy bar. It was the eventual realisation that you had to intonate the guitar from time to time, and this did present a huge time factor problem, especially When Steve Vai decided to take a screw driver to the body of his " Green Meanie" Partscaster and dig out under the Floyd Rose , so he could pull up on the bar a major 3rd. 

This meant the tremolo unit was now floating, making it more versatile, however from a setting up perspective, the most unstable bridge in existence. That was 1985, so from then till now, players have fallen in & out of love with the Locking tremolo system because of the time it takes to set one up.

I must admit that I charge more to a locking tremolo set up, because it does take a little longer but I specialise in them, so you can rest assured that your guitar will be set up with love and not given back to you with a substandard set up performed by an incredibly frustrated technician who has nothing more to say than how tormenting his or her experience has been setting up your guitar, and that they should have charged you 3 times the price.

I am sure many of you have experienced this very scenario with other guitar services on more than one occasion.

Well, I love them! So why not bring them to me and I'll get your super strat purring like a kitten.

I specialise in servicing & setting up any electric guitar that has a Floyd Rose Original ®, Special®, as well as any licenced style single or double locking unit. As I am a huge fan of Ibanez, I particularly  specialise in the Ibanez range of locking units such as the Edge®, Edge II & III, Low Pro® & Edge Zero® range, as well as Kahler ® vintage tremolo units.

I also offer Locking Tremolo 1 on 1 Workshops if you would like to learn how service your Locking Tremolo Unit with confidence, so ask me about booking in for a 1on 1 lesson on setting up your Locking Tremolo Guitar


I only do minor repairs in my workshop such as hand shaped bone nut & bridge replacement and modification, machine head replacements, locking tremolo replacement & more....


Guitar re-wiring – switches, pots and jacks, pickup replacement, acoustic pickup installation, custom wiring & more.

Guitar Service & Repairs Pricing

So book your axe in for a service today!