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Guitar Lesson - 60 minute Casual

Alien Guitar Secrets

Guitar Lesson - 60 minute Casual


Guitar lessons at Alien Guitar Secrets are designed around the individual students needs. Whether you're into Rock, Blues, Metal, or Progressive Instrumental, my mission is to assist my students to become the best guitarists & musicians that they can envision for themselves. Playing the guitar is not hard, and yet when you are a beginner it's not easy either.

I fully understand the challenges that face the beginner guitarist, but I also understand the discipline & dedication that a promising virtuoso must undertake if they are going to break through their glass ceiling on their way to greatness. What ever your desired level, I will assist you in achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.

My teaching methods are not exactly traditional. Yes, there will be oodles of scales, chords, techniques etc to sink your teeth into, but I also take a more holistic approach to music & the guitar. So along with the text book learning, there will also be a strong emphasis on teaching you about the creative & healing power of music, and it's place within the universe. I will give you powerful tools with which you can harness and use, not only to fast track your guitar playing and music composition, but also how to incorporate these tools into other areas of your life in which you wish to succeed.

Alien Guitar Secrets operates six days per week, Monday - Saturday, with evening classes from Monday - Friday.

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