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Hi. My name is Rob Lobasso, and I want to thank you for visiting my website Alien Guitar Secrets.
Whether you consider yourself to be a complete beginner, intermediate, or even if you are already a proficient guitar player constantly learning new concepts, I am here and at your service. If you are open to new ways of looking at the same thing, then you also have come to the right place.

I believe there are fundamental skills every student of the guitar must master in their journey learning to play the guitar. Mastering these techniques of guitar playing as well as learning a wide variety of songs to better understand those essential skills in practice, is a must in my book, however, these skills alone will only take you so far.

Being a teacher of guitar and music for so many years has taught me that there are as many different ways to look at music and its expression, as there are people on the planet.

I believe that my students deserve the very best care and instruction that I can offer. That means, I will teach you all of the techniques you may crave. All of the licks and tricks used by guitar heroes past & present are covered in my tailored programs.

Everything from finger tapping, string skipping, arpeggios and sweep picking, alternate, hybrid and economy tremolo picking etc. I have a treasure trove of sequential patterns and runs that will last you lifetimes.

There is also so much more that I can teach a student about music, and its very important place within each of our lives. Music really can be the greatest healer.

Combining all of these techniques and theoretical concepts together, will already get you playing better than ever. But these essential skills alone will not make you that great guitarist you dream of being. That is another lesson I can and will teach you when you choose Alien Guitar Secrets.

I believe, music is the essence of all existence, it's primordial form of vibrating energy permeates the whole universe, everything that you can see, hear, feel, & touch is energy, vibrating at certain frequencies, thus manifesting into three dimensional time & space. 

And music is exactly the same. Every note is a vibration of energy, organized into patterns or sequences called rhythms & melodies by you & me ( the composers).

As musicians, we literally get to play and to shape the very fabric of our universe, which is the over-arching reason why we are all emotionally moved by music in such a profound way.


Any way, I could go on forever. I am certain if you take lessons with me, you're sure to hear more about the music / universe connection.

My lessons are super informative, structured and fun, designed to awaken (or re-awaken) your musical senses, helping to unlock and unleash the virtuoso in you.


I look forward to teaching you very soon, till then




Rob Lobasso


Alien Guitar Secrets