Terms & Conditions / Guitar Lessons

Terms of Business


When enrolling for tuition with Alien Guitar Secrets, parents, guardians and students agree to abide by the following terms of business:


  1. One-off casual private lessons may be booked up to 7 days in advance and must be paid for at the time of booking
  2. To secure a recurring booking for a regular weekly lesson, we require a Credit or Debit Card Payment Authority to pay for your sessions in advance on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  3. Credit and Debit card payments are processed securely via our service provider, Ezidebit. Debit transaction fee - $0.55. Bank Account Debits - $0.67. Credit Cards - $1.33. A 4.4% surcharge applies to American Express cards. 
  4. *Dishonour fee for returned payments to Ezidebit is $6.60 and will be deducted on next due payment, in addition to transaction and debit fees should payment be returned as unable to be processed.
  5. An initial fee for the exact amount of one lesson is deducted upon the first payment to ensure that payments are in advance of lessons
  6. Once set up on a Credit or Debit Card Payment Authority, you are automatically re-enrolled into the same time slot every week until you notify us to change or cease this schedule. 
  7. We do not suspend your sessions (or payments) during School Holidays unless you ask us to. We are, however, closed on Public Holidays and certain other dates that we will notify you about. All sessions scheduled for a closed date will be credited to your account and rescheduled at a mutually agreed time
  8. All bookings once paid for may only be rescheduled, not cancelled or refunded. You may reschedule a session by giving us more than 24 hours notice. Rescheduled lessons are arranged at a time convenient to both the instructor and the student and must be taken within 6 months of the original booking. 
  9. In the event that your regular instructor is away, a substitute instructor will be provided for that lesson. If a suitable substitute cannot be found, we will notify you as soon as possible and the cost of the lesson will be credited to your account.
  10.  We require 2 weeks (10 working days) notice to suspend, cancel or change your regular session and automated payments. If you suspend your sessions for more than 2 consecutive weeks, we may allocate your recurring time slot to another student. 
  11.  Reschedules & cancellations must be notified by talking directly to a member of our Bookings Team, or by email or by phone - telling your instructor is not sufficient. 
  12.  We may charge a $15 admin fee for credit card payments that are declined by the card issuer. This is in addition to any *dishonour fees charged by If more than 2 consecutive payments are declined, we may suspend or cancel your ongoing bookings. 



It is the mission of Alien Guitar Secrets© to provide guitar tuition of the highest quality. It is also our goal to adhere to the highest professional standards in the running of the school and in our dealings with our students and parents of students. Your agreeing to abide by the aforementioned terms and conditions will enhance the professional image of the school and ensure a mutually beneficial association.