"Our 9 year old son has been having weekly lessons from Rob for nearly a year now. Rob is great with our son and understands how to teach him. Not only guitar but also a love for the music. Teaching kids has lots challenges and Rob overcomes these and has great skills in dealing with kids and getting messages across… even for the tenth time!! The most patient guy. Tom, although hot and cold on practice sometimes, he always wants to go to lessons and I think this is the biggest testimonial for the teacher. This is Toms first music teacher and he is being taught some great skills, applicable outside music too. I Highly recommend Rob Lobasso and Alien Guitar Secrets"…..Ben
"As a mother I would highly recommend Rob from Alien Guitar Secrets for anyone looking to learn the guitar and much more.  Rob has encouraged, supported and facilitated my daughter in letting her creativity flow.  Since my daughter has been having guitar lessons with Rob she has not only learnt to play the guitar but has also gained confidence, self-esteem and is learning to speak her truth.  Rob has helped my daughter open up to and connect with apart of herself she was closed off to previously.  I would encourage anyone wanting to learn guitar give Rob a go. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed"....Lyndall 
"Before I started lessons with Rob, I knew very little about guitar, apart from some things I had picked up during school music lessons. That all changed very quickly. Rob is one of the best instructors I’ve ever known or had. He teaches in such a way that inspires and brings out the best in people’s abilities, turning mistakes into learning opportunities, and taking knowledge of the guitar and how it plays to a deeper level. He has a friendly personality, a ready laugh, and, on top of all this, he is an incredible guitar player himself"….Thomas
"My weekly lesson with Rob is one of the most enjoyable times in the week. Rob challenges me to develop further in both my theory and playing techniques. He is supportive and has given me confidence to play live. Rob is simply excellent! I feel I have grown both professionally and personally in music due to Robs guidance and teachings.  Rob is a sensational musician and I would highly recommend him as a teacher"……Jodie
“For years I bounced back and forth between several different guitar teachers before I met Rob, and none of them came close to the level of understanding and passion that he has not only for the guitar, but for teaching others. His technical skill on the instrument is rivaled only by his ability to bring out the very best in his students, and it’s safe to say that I would be a pale imitation of the musician I am today without him.”… Tom
Best guitar teacher EVER
"Thanks for being such a great teacher. For being so open and especially helping me move forward and be more honest with my songwriting and what I want to achieve.  Showing me when I “block” myself before I even start and helping me find a way through. Thanks for being so patient and for listening as I work through all this (and reminding me to keep practising all the exercises :) ). I’m pretty lucky to have found a teacher like you"....Denise
"I've been playing guitar for a long time with varying degrees of dedication to the craft. I started at Alien Guitar Secrets after encouragement from my wife who could sense my frustration at my lack of progress and stagnation as a player.  After just a few sessions with Rob I felt like the guitar had revealed itself to me as a brand new instrument. Patterns and shapes jumped out at me, and I started to really understand the logic of the fret board. Today I feel as though I can confidently break down almost anything and understand the underlying musical logic - as well as craft licks and melodies over the top.  Over two years of playing with Rob we've focused on different things - theory, technique, writing, recording - and some sessions have been more akin to personal therapy than music instruction. His empathy for the hard mental stuff about learning and progressing is extremely valuable for musicians at all levels.Thanks to Rob I'm progressing with my long term goal of recording an album, and I couldn't be happier about it."…..Patrick
"If you want to sit and learn scales for hours upon hours, Alien Guitar Secrets is not for you.  If you are looking for someone who can take your playing to the next level in record time, Rob’s your man.  Rob has an amazing ability to teach the basics, along with advanced techniques at the same time, allowing your playing to develop faster that you will expect, but with a solid foundation.  He inspires creativity and develops his teaching style to fit each and every student, from absolute beginner to regular session players."...Mike
From the very first lesson I had a much greater understanding of the guitar than all of the guitar lessons I had previously. Rob definitely stands out from the rest  not just through his guitar playing ability' but through his teaching. Rob has brought me to a level of playing guitar that I once thought would not be possible. I would highly recommend Rob, with the help of his knowledge you will be able to reach the shredding skills you have wanted....Tom
“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” ― Mark Van Doren
I joined Rob hoping to learn to play somewhat like greats guitarists of today. Instead of teaching me to memorise chords and leads, he has taught me to discover the joy in the instrument. It has been a very powerful experience. He has taught me to observe myself playing, which is almost meditative.
Rob shows you why the greats play the way they do, and he opens up the guitar like a book that you can read and understand like never before.
He is a prolific guitar player himself. He will inspire and push you to get the best out yourself.  
I enjoy picking up the guitar at home and playing. It is no longer an instrument I fear. I now practice more often, and I have fun doing it.
I would recommend Rob to anyone who wants to get back to music....Rajeev
"I first rang Rob from Alien Guitar Secrets about lessons after playing the guitar for 2 years, having only barely taught myself.
After some discussion about my background Rob was very upfront about what he could teach and the things that he wanted me to take away from the lessons he provides.
  Robs focus is not only on how to use the guitar, but also on the composition and inner workings of music itself, whilst using the guitar as a medium to create. His focus is to set up you with the knowledge and skills for guitar and music, so you are able to hold your own in any musical situation you may find yourself in.
His knowledge, plus his focus provides some very in depth lessons into both the guitar and music which are both exciting and fascinating.
Although I like blues, I was very impressed by all the styles of music that Rob is able to draw out from within himself, meaning that whatever your taste in music, Rob will be able to help you on your path.
Rob really emphasises the importance of listening to the music that is going on around you, but also listening to the music you find inside yourself and honouring what it is that you hear to create your own style within different genres.
He provides a nurturing environment through believing in you and being very friendly and encouraging, all whilst having a big grin on his face.
He treats the guitar as a form of art, meaning human expression, and really emphasises the importance of having the emotional connection between the guitar and the music you hear inside....."....Ty
“Rob – thanks for your unerring belief in my possibilities. Thanks for refusing to let me undersell myself. Thanks for insisting I find my voice and my groove. I love the way you dream....”
" I've been playing with Rob Lobasso for a few years now and am happy to provide a testimonial to his talent, teaching, perseverance and patience.
I say playing with Rob because I seldom feel like I am in a classroom situation. Apart from his virtuoso guitar skills, Rob has a talent for setting up environments in which you can discover for yourself the lessons he has prepared. Typically we'll start to wander along a path and then I'll notice he's no longer beside me and I am playing on my own for myself and using the techniques we'd talked of. Why is this important for me? Simply, its because (I sort of believe that) I am discovering them myself and as such get the thrill of unlocking new potential; curiously enough you tend not to forget what you yourself have figured out!
Rob doesn't tell me where to run but gives me the space to run around as I please, but he's thought it through and that space is actually graded and uneven in all the right places to set me up to learn. He is able to teach formally and does this well as he also writes and plays and so understands the application of modern music into guitar theory, but his ability to set up a environment of learning-by-doing make that learning both interesting and fun. I'm sure that is not the only way he teaches as I have had some more formal sessions, but Rob has figured out what suits me and how best to get me working to better myself.
I'd happily endorse Rob to anyone interested in learning how to actually play and master the guitar."...Paul
"I believe Rob's philosophy on teaching/learning & creating an environment that supports an individual students goals, will enable me to become a guitarist, not just someone who can play a few songs on guitar".......Iain
"I acquired an unwanted guitar from a mate which Rob fixed up for me and I have now been having lessons with him for 8 mths. I am now playing some of my favourite songs and have learnt a lot about guitar music.
Rob is a fun teacher, I always enjoy going to my lesson every week and have happily recommended him to others.
If you are thinking of learning to play the guitar, go with Rob!"...........John.
"In 4 months I have gained the knowledge to tackle solo's that I would never have dreamt I could achieve. Rob shares his wealth of guitar knowledge with patient, supportive care.
If you can't play yet, he can help you and get you playing. If you can play, he can help you play better than you ever imagined.
Alien Guitar Secrets teaches you how to express the music we all have in us, with no boundaries or limitations, just pure energy and fun.
I am so thankful to have found Rob and the knowledge he shares... he really is a wonderful teacher!".....

…...."I have been trying to learn how to play the guitar for more than 15 years; with large gaps between periods of irregular playing. When I met Rob I was simply hoping to get back into playing again for my own pleasure. I travel regularly and finding time for lessons and practice has always been a problem for me. Rob has been an inspiration. In less than 6 months I am now writing my own songs; something I never imagined I would do. His approach to teaching and his genuine interest in his students has made him a real inspiration and allows him to find and develop the musician in each of us." ...Graham 

….”I never thought I would find an instrument I truly enjoy playing after I had a really bad experience with music lessons when I was young.

Rob is not only a fantastic guitarist himself, a fun teacher to his students, he also passes on his great knowledge about life in general which I found very beneficial.
I am happy about lessons I have attended so far and looking forward to the future. I am so grateful to have Rob as my teacher as I learn so much from him and always have so much fun in his classroom. Therefore I would recommend Rob and Alien Guitar Secrets to everyone who wants to experience real music and enjoy guitar playing.” Emily
….”My guitar playing had hit a wall, and I'd been at that wall for years without being able to find a way over into a more intricate and diverse guitar playing environment.
After just seven lessons Alien Guitar Secrets have put a ladder to that wall which I'm now beginning to climb.
With the rate at which I'm learning and discovering, I have no doubt that I'll be the guitarist I've always wanted to be in no time....” Ben
….”I have recently begun guitar lessons with Alien Guitar Secrets and find that the lessons are very informative, but most of all really fun. I had previously tried to learn guitar for about one year but never really got past just learning a few open chords and parts of songs. Now that i have started the lessons with Alien Guitar Secrets, i have learnt that its not just about the mathematical side of the guitar, but the emotional side of it. Rob's lessons are sooo good and i am now motivated to go to the limits and beyond with guitar playing because of Alien Guitar Secrets.”Alex
….”When I started with Alien Guitar Secrets, I thought I had a good understanding of music and of how to play a guitar. Having tried to teach myself for 5 years, not only did I not understand much at all, but I had no idea that I'd learn 32yrs worth of guitar secrets in the best part of 8.5 months! Now I can say after learning the tips and tricks (that you couldn't possibly teach yourself), that I can confidently apply these tricks to all types of music. In hindsight, I'd still be trying to work out how to put my fingers on a fret board if I hadn't called Rob. Now I'm writing songs, with solo's, I can work out songs on the radio by ear and have daily epiphanies on how to improve my techniques. BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!!!!!!”...Jimmy B

"Alien Guitar Secrets offers the ultimate guitar experience. It isn't a matter of just learning chords, scales and then song after song using tablature and printed music. Instead, Rob provides a lesson that not only develops technicality and skill but also delves into the licks, tricks and emotion needed to play well, write songs, write solos, improvise (for ultimate jamming experience!!!) and generally understand the guitar as not just an instrument but a total spiritual experience. It is an opportunity to learn everything you need to play the guitar really well but at your own pace and with the help of a FANTASTIC teacher"......Alexandra.