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The 'Rut Buster' Workshop

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Are You Stuck in a Guitar Playing Rut? Are you feeling unmotivated uninspired and feel as though you're not getting anywhere with your guitar playing?

Then the 'Alien Guitar Secrets Rut Buster' 1 on 1 Workshop is what you need!

In this 1 to 1 workshop you will learn how to recognise and address the things you are doing which are slowing you down or holding you back from making progress on the guitar.

I will teach you how to completely overhaul your mindset about the way you practice guitar. By changing the focal point of your practice from one of mindless meandering, to one that helps you improve in 3 key areas essential to better playing.

Become inspired, by looking more deeply at concepts which are often overlooked & generally the difference between good players and great players. 

This 3 1/2hr immersive program I will teach you how to :

1) Learn to honestly assess your own playing without judgement and structure your practice routines so it motivates you to learn more

2) Learn to set achievement goals that you can actually reach

3) Learn how to ignite the spark of creativity within you like never before, helping you express yourself to the fullest!

'Some times you just need to see & do things slightly differently and the entire game changes'... Rob Lobasso



This workshop and any other immersive deep dive is recommended for those ready to change the paradigm they find themselves in with their guitar playing.

There is no guarantee to success! Success of this and any other program is down to the commitment of the individual.