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Finding the Notes on the Fretboard

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Knowing where the notes exist on your fretboard, I believe is a must. Yet so few guitarists that I have met over the years take the time to familiarise themselves with them and their location on the neck.

For the most part they just fly by the seat of their pants, and at best is a guesstimate of the notes they should be playing (I know, I used to do the same).

If you are starting out as a student of the guitar and you don't have a handle of where to find an F note everywhere on your guitar, then read this and take the time to study and process the information given here today.

This PDF has a clear and concise method of helping your to achieve fretboard mastery in no time.

Clear diagrams and concise explanations, as well as exercises you can implement into your practice routine now!

This PDF is freedom, and it's just one click away.

Oh, and by the way if your current teacher doesn't know where all his or her notes are on the fretboard, buy then a copy as well, or get a new teacher!