Overcoming A Negative Thought Bias

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Overcoming A Negative Thought Bias

Our thoughts are Our Own!

Or at least that is what we think.

These thoughts we call our own, to me, are like a collective stream of thoughts that pass through every single human being. Neither positive, nor negative.

This is part of the idea of being "ONE". They don't have a negative or positive bias until they are subjectively viewed and taken on by a host (you and me)as their own thoughts.

The truth is, whilst the thought is passing through in the stream it is objectively neutral. So, you can choose which thoughts you would like to retain as being a conscious representation of who or what you would like to put forward into the world.

By consciously choosing which thoughts to hold onto, and which to get rid of, puts us in a unique position of ultimate power. You could walk through this life acting as if you already are, and know that just by doing so you are that. Some people call this 'faking it until making it'.

I personally don't much like that phrase, because it feels as if I am being fraudulent in some way. But in essence, that is kind of what you're doing. You're telling yourself and the outer world before you arrive that you are a fantastic guitarist, that you are beautiful, you are smart, likeable, healthy, wealthy, whatever it is you wish that to be.

Now most people will dismiss this out of hand, as not being consequential to any real result. In fact, most will trip over themselves to be the first to tell you that you're wrong. That you're not good enough, or beautiful, or smart etc. And when you think about it, this is also how the thoughts we have about a particular thing can immediately feel like they are our own by default.

But without you taking a conscious stand of whether you choose that thought or not as your own, it does become your thought . And if thought about constantly, and repeated consistently, these thoughts now become your belief.

When taken into consideration that a thought repeated over and over again is like a mantra, becoming belief, which then leads to the manifestation of such a thing into real life, you cannot discount the power of thought. Conscious, or unconscious.

Are Negative Thoughts More Powerful Than Positive Thoughts?

Personally, in my experience, no! In my honest opinion, You are what you think! And I have learnt that the hard way, experiencing both sides. I.e., I went through a lot of stuff to get to where I am with my outlook on life. There is no Darkness after light shines the way.

You could argue that with the world being in such a state, with wars, and climate, health issues etc., that negative bias toward outward events is more prevalent.

However this can be easily rebutted by someone who is consciously and consistently being positive in holding their space. And that the world, from their viewpoint, is in fact biased toward being positive and beautiful. Notwithstanding its many issues, but beautiful nonetheless.

It's ok to be pragmatic. Being pragmatic does not make you negative. It makes you a seer.

From the above example, you can gleam the type of response each disposition would have to situations playing itself out. The negative disposition will take you down, before it lifts you up. It will find something too good to be true, rather than accept the gift as being deserved (whatever it may be).

And in a time of decision or crisis, it will let you know that you were right to do nothing, or to see the bad person, or do the bare minimum, because it proves your point, that you were not good enough for the audition, or overlooked for the promotion not your place to say something.(Apathy is a huge problem today. So is entitlement) etc.

All of this leads to poor sleep, poor health and a demotivation in creating your own experience. After all, creating our own experience is what we are here to do. Life, and the things you want to achieve are not going to be without challenge, otherwise there is no satisfaction in overcoming those challenges. There is no sense of achievement either.

One thing that I've learnt along the way is this. Respect the ideas that you have about life, and how life should be for you. If you like to do something, that in itself is enough reason to do it and persevere. Hold that space (I like it and I choose to do it, and nothing will stop me)and you will always win.

I like to look at those other types of thoughts as contrast to my values system. Always remember to ask yourself. Do I need to accept this thought I am having as my own? Does it serve my higher purpose to hold this particular thought as my truth? If not, discard it immediately.

There is absolutely no point in holding onto a thought that is mis-aligned with your desires. Get into a position of default positivity, and there you will find your true power.


Be well,



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