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By consciously choosing which thoughts to hold onto, and which to get rid of, puts us in a unique position of ultimate power. You could walk through this life acting as if you already are, and know that just by doing so you are that...

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Bob Proctor, frustration, mind magic, motivation, quitting, technique, the secret, visualisation -

  Are you on the verge of quitting the guitar because you're getting frustrated with it?

I had a student the other day that I believe was on the verge of quitting the guitar. I've been teaching him for some while now, but without much success. It seems that every time he arrives for his lesson, the same conversation ensues before we even get started, I will ask him how his practice has gone over the past week, to which he replies.." I'm making progress, but you may not agree that I have made progress at all!" I've tried not asking him

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