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Alien Guitar Secrets Blog — feeling

The Pandoras Box of Visualisation

Rob Lobasso composition feeling frustration knowledge mind magic motivation music the secret visualisation

The scientific evidence is now stacking up and beginning to support that which I have been saying for two decades now. Yes! Science is agreeing with me in that you can visualise yourself to a much better version of the player you are today. And with consistent attention and action, you can literally become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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The Difference Between Just Playing Music And Feeling The Music !

Rob Lobasso composition diatonic harmony feeling improvisation knowledge licks modes music playing scales technique

 This past week I asked one of my best students to give me a question that he would like answered in my blog.

A) It helps me to know if there is anything we need to go over, so as to better help him, and

B) I get an opportunity to help anyone else with the same or similar issue. Not a bad pay off really.

We'll call my student Jimmy (for anonymity).

So Jimmy wanted to know, “What is the difference between just playing the music and really feeling the music that you're playing?

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