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Teaching the Teacher

Rob Lobasso

Let me introduce you to Campbell Freeman.  Guitar Lessons at Alien Guitar Secrets.

Campbell started taking lessons with us at Alien Guitar Secrets mid last year. In that time, Campbell has improved his guitar playing exponentially. Just before we broke for the Easter holidays, I was able to teach Campbell how to construct chords (triads) from the Diatonic Modes of the Major Scale. 

Well, after 2 weeks of no practice I got to see just how much sank in from our previous lesson. 

Not being what I would call shy, Campbell grabbed the whiteboard markers in hand and took the opportunity to teach me (the teacher) what I (the teacher) taught him. Now there is a tongue twister. 

Needless to say I was suitably impressed with Campbell flawless understanding of this concept.  And as Campbell would say; 'EPIC!'

You need to understand your theory as well be able to play lightning fast

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