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Max Hart in The School of Rock

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Max Hart in The School of Rock

Greetings all.

I hope you are all well. 

This last weekend I took my family to see the theatre production of the "School of Rock" (SOR), now playing at Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

As you may already have been aware, one of our best students, Max Hart is one of three actors playing the role of lead Guitarist Zack Mooneyham.

Well on Saturday night we got to see Max play Zack in the production and I can tell you without any bias that "The School of Rock" is absolutely awesome, a laugh a minute and a first class production.

 Till "SOR", Max had only ever audtioned for a school talent contest, but to see him strut his stuff on a stage in front of thousands of people really goes to show you what you can achieve with hard work and commitment.

Every time I see or hear of one my students achieving their dreams in the performance world, the pride I feel as someone charged with helping them to achieve never gets old and always feels new.

The School of Rock is on at the Capitol Theatre, so please go and show your support for Max and see this wonderful production.

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