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Whenever I try to get my students to begin singing the scales they are practicing or singing out loud melodic ideas that they are hearing in their head, I am generally ( almost always) met with resistance to the process. 

The three(3)  most common excuses for not wanting to sing  are

  1. I don’t sing
  2. I can’t sing
  3. I am learning to play guitar, I didn’t come here to learn how to sing

Is that you? Can you relate?

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Writing your own licks isn’t as hard you might think. It can be challenging, but for me that’s where the joy is. Coming up with something that is both catchy and melodic, a musical phrase that can stand on its own is a very creative process. And once a fresh lick is under your fingers it is so satisfying, that you just have to 

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I grew up in the 70's & 80's, when the "Super Strat" was being born. Companies such as Charvel® & Jackson®  were experimenting with all soughts of pickup configurations, compound neck radius and body shapes etc, while guitar players such as Edward Van Halen were beginning their massive tilt at the title of Guitar Freak.

As you would expect the tremolo unit took a beating, and in a quest to stabilise tuning, the locking tremolo unit was about to be invented.

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Alien guitar Secrets is exited to announce that we are now offering Skype Guitar Lessons!

Learning guitar online via Skype can be as beneficial as a private face to face lesson without leaving the comfort of your own home. Skype guitar lessons are great for people who feel a little vulnerable taking face to face lessons or unable to find a guitar teacher in their local area for times that they are available.

The lessons themselves are very similar to fave to face lessons, we can accomplish everything that a face to face lesson does. Your progress is monitored live, any technique corrections can be made in real time and also the encouragement and nurturing you would receive from coming to one of my private lessons.There is a slight delay between us however, so that means we can’t play guitar at the same time, to overcome this limitation I will send you backing tracks as needed so you’ll still be able to learn to jam or play along with songs, and i can monitor your progress.

So register your interest in 'Skyping' your guitar lessons with Alien Guitar Secrets today by clicking on the Skype logo.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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 This past week I asked one of my best students to give me a question that he would like answered in my blog.

A) It helps me to know if there is anything we need to go over, so as to better help him, and

B) I get an opportunity to help anyone else with the same or similar issue. Not a bad pay off really.

We'll call my student Jimmy (for anonymity).

So Jimmy wanted to know, “What is the difference between just playing the music and really feeling the music that you're playing?

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